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CEO greeting

Welcome to our company website!

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the customers who visit our company website, and I sincerely wish for your healthy and happiness, having a high sense of accomplishment.
Since the establishment on February 2004, Our ORIX Capital Korea Corporation is making an effort to lead the Korean market and also develop a large axis of Korean economy in earnest for now following the successful settlement in the Korean market. For this one, we will make the innovative corporate culture as well as raise the capability of each individual and organization. Finally, we will try to create financial products to meet customer`s needs one step ahead of figuring out what they want.
ORIX Capital Korea can not exist without our customers. Our eyes and hearts are always towards them. When there are many strong supports and loving criticisms from our customers, the challenge and value creation of ORIX Capital Korea can be achieved. For our customers, ORIX Capital Korea will never be afraid of changes and be satisfied with the present. We will change and innovate for ourselves getting a professional mind unfaded.
Thank you
ORIX Capital Korea Corporation

CEO Chung Sung-Yoon